September 11, 2018

Expert Testimonials


Start changing lives! one step at a time

The Kahele Foundation has been combining many contributions from leading experts in the fields of Music, Psychology, Neurology and both Physical and Emotional therapy.

Our experts

Dr Doris Jones

Dr Jones is Psychotherapist at Kaiser Hospital for 35 years.

“This music is melodic; it brings out a healing in my patients that I haven’t seen before. Each time I work with them I see a difference in their attitude towards life.”

Bridget Wallace

She is the President of 360 Balance and Hearing, a clinic in Austin TX. Bridgett lectures and consults with the medical and therapeutic communities.

“We have a sound booth here in the facility and played the CD. It was amazing! We are utilizing it with the patients who have elevated blood pressure and already the music is relaxing them and decreasing their BP.”

Dr Rafael A De Haro

Dr Rafael has 32 years of experience in pediatrics and  His specialties Diagnostic and treatment program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and operates a multidisciplinary. 

“This program has changed lives!”

Susuan Montgomery

She work at “From the heart therapy” Her services is specializing with Autistic children in Occupational, Speech, and Physical Therapy.

“Some that are highly sensitive to sound and touch, their aggression of biting and hitting has stopped and I have   noticed a drastic change in their behavior. This is faster than other programs, it helps them calm down and relax.”