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This specific type of music therapy helps relieve aggressive behaviors, tantrums, outbursts associated with Sensory over stimulation. Slowing down repetitive behaviors, seizures and sleep disturbances. It assist with the brain to bring in creativity, social development, and emotional control.

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Many Vietnam veterans found some measure of relief from PTSD symptoms by participating in music therapy. Reports of less frequent nightmares, insomnia, depression, and agitation provided data to support the theory that a PTSD sufferer’s quality of life might be improved by this relatively simple, non-invasive technique.

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Early studies have shown that the different frequencies, tones, and patterns of the Pure Sound Therapy™ program may bring the left and right sides of the brain into synchronization. The results show that the brain hemispheres appear to be more balanced and thus individuals are experiencing reductions in repetitive behaviors, seizures, sleep disturbances and emotional outbursts, common amongst those suffering from autism, epilepsy and other neurosensory disorders.

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To improve brain health through innovative treatments of sound therapy for autism, PTSD and neurosensory disorders.
Here's how music can positively affect the brain

Music stimulates various parts of the brain, making it an effective therapeutic or mood-altering tool. Music’s pitch, rhythm, meter and timbre are processed in various parts of the brain ranging from the prefrontal cortex to the hippocampus to the parietal lobe. Rhythm and pitch are primarily left brain hemisphere functions, while timbre and melody are processed primarily in the right hemisphere. Meter is processed in both hemispheres

With our new innovative program Pure Sound Therapy™ a high pitch of multi-sensory tones with ethereal melodies that brings higher harmonics to the brain. This “pure sound” stimulates the brain to increase processing of information in a faster rate to help improve memory retention, increasing cognitive skills, reduce tantrums and slow down seizures. In addition with Pure Sound Therapy™ we will be incorporating Sensory integration approach into our treatment.


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Trina is well prepared to lead the organization into the future while changing the lives of those impacted by autism and Neurosensory Disorders. Her expertise in business and strategic direction are leading the fulfillment of the mission.

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Rebekah has 21 years experience in the legal field as a paralegal . Her current specialities involve working with patents, trademark, and copyrights.

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His expertise specializes in operations finance, business development, product development, brand management & international marketing.

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Advisory Council Member
Since 1989, Ms. Sanchez has served at the White House as Associate Director, Office of Public Liaison. Ms. Sanchez works on all issues related to Hispanic Americans and also is the liaison to Americans with disabilities. She was a co- founder in 2008 for Texas Community Development Capital.

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